Es Murchin X Nick Noir : Kush Cafe EP

Of course 90 percent of what we do is support artist when they drop content... But we love dropping original content ourselves. Es Murchin came to us asking if we would host his new EP. We heard it and knew we wanted to push it. below are some words about ohow the project came together. listen below from the Bandcamp player or go to media tab> kush EP and stream from with in the site as well. Enjoy!

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Forethought from Nick Noir:
     I was debating going to the beer festival in Colorado, before my man Es gave me a call askin if I wanted to partake in a rd trip. I thought to myself that might be the better move considering we have never recorded together and maybe during my stay we would be able to get a couple tracks done ...our approach was really no approach writing some verses on the plane and at the airport waiting to get scooped .. These songs were recorded in like what? An hr and a half time frame waiting for the car to get fixed for the trip to New Orleans ... I believe we blended our styles as well as can be expected .. Because Tucson and Jerz (New Jersey) are completely different energies I live by the ocean so I was away from what centers me and never felt heat like the Arizona sun before haha I just wanted to record some shit that would reach the ears of the east coast and Tucson cats alike.