JD & MA$TERMIND unleash new song Dead Wrong (Prod.Nawlidge Nick)

This year has been awesome for me as a music fan. I've met plenty of creatives in the Arizona scene and beyond who have released great material in 2017. JD & Ma$termind gifted us with the first 20 Pounds single. One thing is certain and it's that they did not disappoint. I enjoyed this record it had outstanding production which made you feel in peace. It is wild but when I heard the noise in the background it left me thinking "What the hell is that?" Nawlidge Nick did his thing with this beat he also shined by showcasing his beat making abilities. -Royal Cortez


20 Pounds is a team that solidified themselves with me a long time ago. Every single member is a talented creative whose only limit is the sky itself. The teammates I will cover today are the gifted lyricists who go by the name of JD & Ma$termind. I want to start this write up off by saying I wish this joint was a bit longer. But it is a exceptional offering that allows them to exhibit their lyricism and chemistry. Their chemistry can equal Ken and Ryu's in the way they work together. They go off each other perfectly they're in sync and in shows. 

Nawlidge Nick definitely made a huge difference Dead Wrong. I already knew JD & Ma$termind always deliver bars wise but the only thing I was worried about was the production. Sadly sometimes beat selection can be a lyricist's weakest trait. They calmed those fears when they got Nawlidge Nick get involved. He produced my favorite records off of 2 Thingz 4 Certain so my expectations where set pretty high. I'm hoping to hear more songs from all 3 of them. They have superb beat selection that will make them many more fans. 

I haven't had the opportunity to scope 20 Pounds team mates besides Jalopy Bungus. Dead Wrong got me genuinely excited about them. With this record alone JD & Ma$termind sparked my interest in checking out more of their content. These are the type of artists I like to get behind. I've always been a fan of rappers first so when I hear cats like them dropping material of this quality it makes me happy I chose to write for a blog. I'm a blogger and everything else last I've always been a fan of music first. They ended the year perfectly with this joint now I'm hoping to hear more tracks from them in the near future! 

Garebear & ColdOne drop Stunner Boy

One of the producers who has constantly impressed me through out the year is Garebear. He has become someone who I've expected to produce nothing less of greatness. Gare has worked constantly with artists like Luca Vasi & Swavey who have become regulars on We Are Buggin Out. Producers help add a different edge which could have a tremendous impact on the record. Beat makers could either make or break a song. But when you have a gifted beatsmith like Garebear in your corner all you have to do is deliver. He recruits the talented Cold One to create a even colder offering. -Royal Cortez

I enjoy when the artists come right at your neck it makes the song more interesting. I am a huge wrestling fan so this record instantly caught my attention. Even though it is not as popular as it was in the 90s it's still awesome. Garebear and Cold One literally stun you into becoming followers. Their production has a fun dark vibe to it which will make fans of this style into supporters. The thing about a strong work ethic is that you will most likely not hit rock bottom. Mankind will appreciate the Stunnerboy for what it truly is. A work of art that exceeds perfection. 

The way that they are showcasing their talents makes you believe they been doing this since for generations. They will send you on a journey crashing through your emotions like an announce table. They hit harder than a Randy Savage elbow drop! This darkness will turn many into members of The Brood. This gloomy production will make a perfect theme song for The Ministry of Darkness. I believe they accomplished what they were aiming for. They have made a huge statement.

I am excited to hear more collabs between the two of these talented beat makers. This is easily the best beat I have heard from Garebear. He showcased that he could deliver in new styles. I would like to see this side of him more often. ColdOne made an excellent impression on me with his contribution. He assisted in elevating Stunnerboy and brought something different out of Garebear. They work really well together and I believe this is only the start. 

Adobe House drop 2 new records titled BubbleGum & BackSeat

2017 has been the year that Adobe House solidified themselves as one of the most complete teams today. They have a great core which can lead them to success. They have all the pieces to build up a championship contender type team. For the last 2 weeks they have released new records. Bubble Gum & Backseat have allowed them to end the year strong. But there is one thing I have learned about them. Which is that they always have some tricks up their sleeves. -Royal Cortez

Since Adobe House has flooded me with music it seemed unfair to not cover both tracks. I've decided to show love to both Bubble Gum & Backseat. They're 2 different records musically but they both showcase what makes this team special. They have an ability to deliver and create fantastic art. I don't think there is a better way they could have ended the year any stronger. Releasing new content now is perfect to build up momentum to carry on with the next year.

Bubble Gum:


2 weeks ago they released BubbleGum which has more of a hype energy attached. This was really different which is always something we should welcome as listeners. It was enjoyable to hear Elias over this type beat. I legit never thought I would hear him over this type of production. That goes to show his talent and what he is able to accomplish when his mind is set. He has always been an incredible hook person which is something that is overlooked. BubbleGum is an example of his music growth he is showing us that he can do more than emotional records.

Doni is someone who has never disappointed me musically. He is a creative I always have high expectations of. I believe he is on one of the hottest streaks I've witnessed recently. I enjoy seeing him challenge himself over this type of record. It assists in showing listeners he could do other styles. It keeps things fresh which is why he's been able to always leave you on your toes.

The best way to describe FanningSystems is as a talented person who will not stop amazing you. He's become one of my favorite members of Adobe House for constantly delivering. I appreciate the energy he gives out on this record. He is more cut throat and has a different edge on this joint. He easily has a stand out verse which makes you want to search him up. His flow has become really polished this year which helped give Bubble Gum an edge.



This past Monday they released their most recent offering BackSeat. This record has an extra member of Adobe assisting them in gr.y. This is the Elias I have become accustomed to. It's the version of him which is the most comfortable and enjoyable. It's basically like he enters his zone. I believe it's amazing how he's able to reinvent himself on this joint. He's a gifted singer which any team would be lucky to have.

Doni shined with the time he was given. For some artists a short time can be a negative. But he used that to his advantage. It clearly showed how resourceful he is. Doni basically demands your attention and makes you want to listen to him more. FanningSystems does not cool down at all. He comes hotter than the desert we live in. His verse will make the strongest bear go down. He becomes colder than Iceman himself. When you become a regular listener you realize that's a common occurrence.

The person that stood out to me the most on this song is gr.y. He is the Adobe House member I've heard the less from all year. I'm hoping to hear what else he has to offer in 2018. He impressed me with this verse & I'm hoping to hear more from him very soon. He showcased his potential in a way that makes you crave more music. If I was to ask you your biggest desire you would respond with "new music from gr.y."

Speakerbox X Mondays:Royal Cortez song of the week #NTYEdition

Ever since I stumbled across Guerrilla Gardening a month ago The Band Called Oh have hypnotized me with their unique style. You will surely be impressed with this group that have legit released a potential project of the year. They have an amazing approach that will turn you into a supporter. The track I chose as my song of the week is one of my personal favorites off their recent project Next To You. Even if you're not a fan of R&B the quality of the music will make you enjoy this record. They will make you see things in a different light which will hopefully turn you into a believer.  -Royal Cortez


In Tucson we get used to the scorching heat that sometimes we take it for granted. These last few weeks it has been colder than 4:44. As seasons change so does the music that we hear at that time. If you noticed during the summer time that's when hype joints are usually released. This type of weather usually releases that moody and gloomy sound that many of us love. Next To You is a song that talks about missing a past lover. Many people get over their exes by sleeping with new individuals. But at the end of the day they can't change that they miss their former lovers. This record reminded me that sometimes it is for the best to distance yourself from that type of situation. 

Next to you will teach a tough lesson that will hopefully lead you to happiness. The most ironic thing about life is that you have to struggle to appreciate the good. In a way The Band Called Oh wants you to learn through the mistakes that others have made. Entertainment is also a tool that many use to learn. Some learn new songs,ideas, and messages. It is common knowledge that many learn new languages by watching tv or listening to music. The power that entertainment has should never be underestimated. They have the ability to create enjoyable music while also being able to deliver an excellent message. 

I chose Next to you as my song of the week for how it made me feel. It made me reflect on myself and the past. I believe R&B of this quality is essential in today's music environment. It is simple but effective and gives us flashbacks of the past. The Band Called Oh have become one of the most played groups in my playlist. Every single time my peers ask me for suggestions I always recommend them. They ended the year strong with one of the best projects I heard in all 2017. They also made me get excited for what the future holds. 

Favi unleashes Blast Off (last Call) (Feat. Todd Jones) (prod.by Moneygangjayy)

Ever since I could remember I have always enjoyed a fusion of rap and R&B. Blast off is a memorable song which will make a potential last call into a blossoming one. Many underestimate the power of a record like this. It is able to gravitate both younger and older individuals towards it. Favi & Todd Jones have the ability to create music for everyone. You do not need to use words to understand the power this joint has. Just by pressing play you will realize that Blast off has the potential to enter your favorites list. Every single aspect of this release are enjoyable the production is stellar,lyrics flow perfectly, and the vibe is outstanding.  -Royal Cortez

Not many have the power to create anthems like this. These type of songs are what I call cruising joints. The vibe is more incredible than the hulk. I have a great feeling that you will believe that Blast off is a remarkable listen. It will take you back to the past where you could hear similar joints on the radio. It is proof that this type of vibe will never grow old because it is truly timeless. It has a old feel to it but don't get it twisted they added a new spin to it which is their own. I would like to hear more music from them and see what else they have up their sleeves.

Moneygangjayy crafted one of the better beats I've heard recently. I enjoyed the mixture of those old and modern sounds. The production is stellar it really helped boost the quality of this joint. Their approach was truly sensational they will hypnotize you with their talent. Favi caught my attention instantly I see a bright future ahead for him. He made me remember exactly who he is which should be every creative's goal. I would like to witness them perform Blast Off live.  

I can see both Favi & Todd Jones becoming regulars if they continue to drop music of this quality. They are truly like rockets reason being the only path they can take is up. Todd Jones plays the role of CP3 because he assisted Favi's James Harden in creating a dope song. Progress will be made and as they keep releasing music they'll become more recognized. They will get you hooked on their art like drugs. Every person who listened to Blast off should be hoping to hear new music from them very soon. Like a volcano or thunder you will feel their impact sooner than later. 

Kyle Bent drops Greatness

If you're not aiming for greatness you are not trying hard enough. It may be cliche but if you're not trying to be the best version of yourself you are slacking. Kyle Bent is focused on becoming the living symbol of greatness. His latest release will force you to take notice with his powerful approach. You will become a supporter by the end of this song. Not every artist has the ability to create a great impression right away. For most it takes a few listens but with Kyle Bent it is a different situation. You get the feeling that you're listening to something special right away.  That alone should spark your interest in checking him out. -Royal Cortez

Greatness can be described as a house on fire reason being the only thing you can feel is heat. You can also visualize this record as Firestorm in a booth. Or even Heatwave showing no mercy to his foes. All jokes aside Kyle Bent will leave his mark on your ears by becoming someone who can get on your good side by releasing great music. How could you not get behind someone who is dropping top notch art. Kyle Bent does not care who gets in the way reason being they can't stop him. That attitude transitioned into a fun track which will earn him some new followers. 

The Saru Beatz produced offering is a example of what we could continue to expect in the future. Saru Beatz created a marvelous beat that assisted Kyle Bent in crafting a memorable joint. They work efficiently together and I'm excited to hear more collabs from them. His production is the mjolnir to Kyle Bent's Thor. He is strictly focused on making progress and that will ultimately transition into more good music. He will leave the nation bent with his art. He will also keep the Bent nation satisfied while they wait for new music. While others are concentrated on things that don't matter he is plotting for greatness.

Overall Greatness is a record that you will certainly enjoy. He will make an incredible impression on the listener. His beat selection will get you invested 5 seconds in. But do not think he relys on the production to carry this jewel. He uses the instrumental as a tool to finish a job. This will be one of the strongest offerings you will hear for awhile. You should get behind him now reason being the future is looking beyond bright. Kyle Bent has ended the year powerfully with an anthem that showcases his greatness as a musican. 


Ohana Bam releases Like I can

Something I have noticed is that no matter what you do you'll still be compared to someone else. But there is one aspect that should bring you comfort. One of the most important things you will ever realize is that no one can do it better than you! It can be skill wise or even lover wise. Ohana Bam's most recent release tackles a common feeling that many share. Sadly in life lovers have to depart which could lead to unfortunate circumstances. Many people believe that those former girl/boyfriends are not getting the love they deserve. Like he states they probably don't have no ill will against them. But the major game changer here is that it's crucial to recognize the situation. Once that is done. all sides could move on. -Royal Cortez


Like I can is one of the tracks you listen to when you're going to text your ex. It is a risky move but you don't care. Being risky can either be your greatest strength or weakness. Being honest with yourself is the most meaningful move you could make. The Rico Beats & K Beatz produced record is Ohana Bam's way of analyzing the situation. He realizes that even though it's not her new boyfriend's fault he still can't love her better than him. Missing an ex or trying to capture that feeling created an awesome song.

The most ironic aspect of music is that musicians use their pain to help heal others. The first time I realized this was when Kanye West dropped My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It's mind blowing to see creatives construct the best work of their careers in dark times. This is why Like I can caught my attention. Ohana Bam could have been going through a slump knowing he missed his ex. But instead of doing something wild he did something amazing. He put together a beautiful track that will assist others in the same position.

If you are currently going through that I sincerely hope you find happiness soon. Finding new music brings me a joy like no other. Discovering new artists who have the ability to devise this type of art makes me delightful. I'm eager to hear what else he has to offer. I want to see what other styles he can execute. If he continues to release music of this quality the world is literally in his hands. There is one thing that is certain with him and it's that he will surely prosper.