Terrific 3 The Westside Gunn edition

Earlier this year I became a fan of the fly god himself Westside Gunn. I stumbled across his THERE'S GOD THEN THERE'S FLYGOD PRAISE BOTH album on Soundcloud. I fell in love with the dark gritty beats and his execution. After hearing it I had to do my research there was no other thing I could do but that. I listened to every single song I could find. I was hooked every single track delivered. The scary thing I took notice of is that after every listen it got even better! The Buffalo, NY native has taken over my playlist with his godly estilo.

Earlier this year Eminem signed Westside Gunn & his brother Conway The Machine to a distribution deal. The brothers are the first rappers from Buffalo to get a major distribution deal. Last week he introduced the new faces of Shady Records which included himself,Conway ,Boogie, and Benny. Sadly he was not able to lay a verse so I wanted to pay homage by covering 3 of my favorite songs from him. -Royal Cortez 



One of my favorite songs from The Fly god is off the album I talked about in the intro. When I first listened to this track I thought the intro was an ad. It was a late night I was tired and digging for new music when I mistaked the intro for an ad. Soundcloud regularly plays ads which is what led me to believe it was an ad. The moment I realized it wasn't a advertisement is when I started hearing the sample talking about designer. So when this tune kept playing he attacked like a dog protecting his owner. I was caught off guard with his grimey style which turned me into a fan. He did not hold back which helped make a impression on me. I'm a fan of dark styles with breath taking production. Westside Gunn made me visualize every single line he spit. It left me in awe how I did not come across his music sooner. If I ever made a mistake It would be not finding out about him sooner. DARINGER killed the production he is someone who made me remember his name. He contributed big time in making this song a favorite of mine. 



Another song I adore from the fly god is a more recent offering. Gorilla Monsoon is a single off Westside Gunn & Doom's upcoming collaborative album Westsidedoom. GM was released last month which helped feed my Griselda Records addiction. Daringer handled the production which helped give it that dark energy that I love. The fly god and him work very well together which I have noticed by listening to many of his songs. Their chemistry basically guarantees good music. Every time he produces for him he delievers. It has become a habit for me to listen to the records that Daringer produced because they have so much replay value. Hearing WSG & Doom on the same record was magical. It's basically the musical equivalent of seeing your favorite shows cross over. 


Hall & Nash (Feat.Conway) (Prod.Daringer)

The brothers rap together under the moniker of Hall Nā€™ Nash. The Outsiders use to be one of the best professional wrestling duos in the 90s. The former WCW & WWE wrestlers are one of the most influential teams in history. So it makes sense that the brothers create music under this name. I'm a big fan of their wrestler titled songs reason being they never disappoint. This track is no different. Their chemistry is on full display like a billboard. You see it from miles away which is something you appreciate. Daringer's beautiful production helped you get invested into this tune. The samples through out this tune helped make Hall & Nash cinematic. The punchlines do not disappoint be prepared to make a "Oooooh shit" face. The way they bounced off each other made me appreciate duos a lot more. Hall & Nash is a prime reason why they got their distribution deal. Their music deserves to be heard by the masses.

Westside Gunn is a wonderful creative who is finally getting the love he deserves. This man is a monster his art is out of this world. When you think of good music he will come to mind once you become familiar with his name. The Fly god will leave a lasting impression with his ear for beats. His flow helps you picture every single line which is outstanding. I believe he will become one of your favorite artists if you allow him the chance to enter your playlist. He has a great year so far and this is just the start. He feeds the hip hop heads with his gritty production,style,lines, and execution. 

The Profile of Whensday

Whensday is a 19 year old creative who is from Columbus Junction, Iowa. I came across his music earlier this year when I stumbled across Shame. He caught my attention with his hypnotizing beat selection and approach. He does not have one bad song which is beyond impressive. You will become a fan of his when you listen to any of his tracks. I chose him as my next subject for this series because I find his journey very interesting. He has the potential to become something very special which is evident in his art. Whensday has been on fire putting out awesome music year long. I like covering him reason being he is a very genuine person who gives his all to the art. -Royal Cortez


There is a dumb stereotype today which makes older heads look down on the young bulls. Many say that the younger generation don't work hard and waste a lot of time. I find it annoying for the reason that they are putting all of them together. It makes things more difficult because people with power will think we'll probably flake. I chose Whensday as my latest subject reason being he is someone who I believe proves it wrong. He is one of the most hardworking musicians I have came across. He is someone who just wants to create the best art possible. He has been on a roll lately that will make others think twice about sleeping on the youth. 

One of my favorite things that we talked about is what sparked his interest for rap. "Jay Z is the reason I do Music." So many creatives can relate to that statement which shows the impact he has had on hip hop. I think it's incredible that Jay Z sparked that passion which has led him to this road. Hov has inspired so many artists which has turned him into one of the most influential artists. Jigga is someone who also made me fall in love with rap so it was cool to have that connection. The track that made him start writing music was 99 Problems. Many can say that they have 99 problems but a new blog post ain't one!   

I was able to chop it up with him about his early beginning so I could write this profile. He informed me that he started making music 5 years ago when he was 14. Whensday let me know about how one of his songs was featured on Deep clothing line's website. Over the years he has released 5 commercial albums. Those projects are Private Life Safe Life,Impatient,Home, Malice, & Someday. He has also worked with DONDA which is Kanye West's creative company which is named after his late mother. He is the only person that I know who has worked with Donda so far which is pretty awesome. 

"If you truly want something you have to absolutely get your hands dirty and work for it." When he told me that it showed me he is not delusional. Many young heads believe it's in the bag which is foolish. He knows that there is a lot of work to do which is very refreshing. That is what will ultimately help him out in the long run. He is fully aware of the road that is in front of him. One of the statements he made caught my attention right away. "All I ever really wanted to gain from Music is for it to helps someone across the world." Whensday said that he wants his music to help people get through hard times. 

He is on a mission to help people with his art. That is what he's doing right now with every single he releases. His variety allows him to touch a large amount of people. It is awesome to see him go on this road. All this has helped him join a special group of creatives. This is why I decided to cover him for this series. He is a very intriguing person who is a genuine individual. Whensday is someone you should be getting behind and will in due time. He wants listeners to  always relate to him. He also said that money and attention is nice but he is really in it for the youth. 

Co-Pilot releases All Night

If you come across great music it is natural for you to share it with your friends and family. All night is a specific tune that will spread like wild fire. This is the type of song you listen to when you are ready to get shit faced. Co-Pilot is a duo consisting of rapper Vinney Mendez and producer Jaii. The energy is awesome it allows them to shine. All Night is what I call a flexing record. It will empower you by making you not care about what others think. It is a enjoyable listen which makes you want to have a good time. I loved how it started off that rest in peace to the competition was a great addition. With All Night they showed us that they're on a mission to create the best art. If their latest drop is any indication of what we can expect keep it coming! -Royal Cortez


All night is a catchy song with a beat which is simply contagious. Sadly I haven't had the chance to write on their music since I started covering music for We are buggin out. Vinney Mendez has perfect timing considering how quick he sent me their latest joint.. It put everything into place reason being as of late I have not been able to find or hear any records that catch my attention. But Co-Pilot's latest drop is one that will make you bounce your head. I'm a big fan of these type of tracks because it makes people go stupid when they hear them! You will definitely be playing it at your next function. I want to see Co-Pilot perform this joint live it would be epic watching them perform it. 

The beat is really dope if you say it does not want to make you bounce you're probably lying. Jaii killed the production you can now consider him the beat maker version of Jason Vorhees. Their approach was very entertaining to hear. The musical chemistry they put on display gave All Night a edge. Even though it's a short offering it is one that will make a impact. Considering that it is under 3 minutes it's a shame. Don't get it wrong that is not bad it's a shame reason being it goes by so quick! It feels so short and that is because of how fun it is to hear. That's what gives it such a huge advantage. It will probably be put on repeat by listeners so their needs can be fulfilled. 

The name Co-Pilot is one that you will surely remember for many simple reasons. I've heard a lot of their other content so before I heard this I had high expectations. They delivered in every single category which left me mind blown. Don't fear the walking dead fear them. If they continues to put out material of this quality the music world will have a major problem. I am excited to hear what else they have in store for us and so should you. You can check out their latest drop on Itunes,Spotify, and Play Google. Vinney Mendez will also be performing at this year's Arizona hip hop festival so make sure you hit him up for tickets!  

Speakerbox X Monday: Royal Cortez song of the week #LatelyEdition

Growth is a beautiful thing to witness as a fan. These past few years I have seen one of my favorite musicians get the recognition he deserves. A while back old friends and girlfriends told me they thought his content was wack when I played it. But if you forward a few years later they listen to his music more than I do now.  I chose a track of his that showed me his potential. Lately is off a project he released in 2014 titled Silence. It reminded me that the only place you can go is forward. Today you see many people giving him praise for the art that he puts his heart into. The journey Russ has embarked on is one that will surely inspire you. -Royal Cortez 


Lately is a awesome record that you will feel right away. I believe it is one of his best joints for multiple reasons. The energy you receive when listening to it is honestly amazing. It will turn you into a fan. If you have listened to his recent music I suggest you take a look at his older content as well. It will easily take you off your feet with the vibe,production, and features. You do not need to force yourself to listen. When he creates music like this Russ is at his most dangerous. 

This joint features his DIEMON kin Bugus. For those who are not aware it is a group they been in together for a long time. In my opinion Bugus is a underrated artist who deserves a lot more love. If you are familiar with his name you would know he has been releasing a lot of new music recently. His insane output will make you respect his work ethic. I am sure he will continue to build his name with every song. I can see him establishing himself as well on a bigger level soon. Coincidentally this is also how I got introduced to his music. He killed his feature and impressed me with his approach. 

The main reason why I chose Lately as my song of the week is because I want to remind others that it is in their hands. Hard work makes anything possible. Russ worked hard and made his dreams come true. That is why I believe it is so important to remind people it is possible. A few years back no one had a idea who Russ was. Things are different now he is one of the brightest stars on the rise. Many bring light to the fact that he is a cocky person. But I understand why reason being if I was able to do the same I would not be any different. Speakerbox X and Wearebugginout pride ourselves in showing love to good music. This article and my song choice show that we are aware of great art on every level. Our ears listen to music that many know and others do not. That alone should make you want to tune into Speakerbox X every Sunday at 2pm on 99.1!

Speakerbox X Tuesday:Royal Cortez song of the week #TTHEdition

Some of the best records are put together so well it turns them into stand outs. Every single detail goes into creating something special. From the production,lyrics,energy, & the other musicians that are featured on the track. Solly shined by boosting Trying to hard's quality. Every fragment goes into crafting a work of art. Connor Ray's Trying too hard is a prime example of what I'm talking about. The production contributes in making his latest release such a enjoyable listen. P Funk did a outstanding job in showcasing his beat making skills. All this went into making Trying too hard the Royal Cortez song of the week. -Royal Cortez

No one likes a try hard many people including myself find them annoying. Connor Ray's latest joint is one that I interpreted as tackling this specific type of person. It is a fun record which will catch your attention right away. By the time I finished Trying to hard I was turned into a fan. This record is headlined by his charisma which is on full display. It helps give the listener a reason to care about him. Connor Ray showed me that he is a really gifted musician who has a bright future ahead of him. I came across the Denver, CO creative by accident. But after hearing Trying to hard I am very happy that I did. 

Solly did a wonderful job he sparked my interest. His approach to this feature is what will make you appreciate what he has to offer. Solly was a important part in helping make this song so good. He was basically the 6th man of this tune. He came off the bench and helped score extra points with everyone who was listening. Without him this song would be missing something very special. The chemistry they showed was something that I noticed right away. I hope to hear more music from both of them in the future. 

As a blog writer I am always digging for new music. I see it as my main goal to showcase terrific music. In the words of the infamous Peter Parker "With great power comes great responsibility." Luckily for many Tucson artists they have Wearebugginout and Speakerbox X as sources of promotion. But many other musicians are not lucky enough to have these type of resources in their cities. So I try my best to show love to artists outside of Arizona to keep things interesting and fresh. This is the main reason why I chose Trying too hard as my song of the week. One person can change the world for another that is why everyone with a role in media has to play their part. 

LaShawn The Lyricist unleashes Take A Picture (LucidSwank)

Lashawn The Lyricist is someone who I have been waiting for to drop new music. He was first covered on Wearebugginout when 18 was released. His latest offering is titled Take A Picture. Something you will notice about life is that many like to capture moments and experiences. It could be food,concerts, or even casual times. But something else people is capture is the worst parts of mankind. What I am specifically talking about is individuals showcasing the worst instead of the best. I interpreted this joint as one that covers all this. -Royal Cortez

Take a picture is a song that helped show a different side of LaShawn. The 1st song I heard from him is one which let me see a more calm side. 18 showed the listener a more relaxed version of this lyricist. But his latest release is one that showed us a more aggressive side. I am glad he called out when people just stand by and take pictures instead of helping them. It was pretty cool seeing him take a different approach than other creatives. Most would glorify that foolishness but hearing this perspective is refreshing.

LucidSwank is a gifted producer who crafted a rugged beat. His production contributed in making LaShawn's latest offering fun to hear. I also believe the cover art really contributed in painting a image in your head. The phone call audio also captured my thoughts perfectly. This record is a mixture of conscious and ignorant which made it stand out. There is moments when he makes certain statements that capture the theme. But then there is times which will make casual hip hop fans also enjoy Take a picture. The balance he displayed should be applauded for many reasons. He made it possible for many percentages of people to like his latest tune.

Eggo drops LARRY ENTICER Ft. Sui Blue (Prod. C'mar)

Eggo dropped a new song last week called Larry Enticer. It features St.Market's Sui Blue who is also a talented musician who you should be following. Sui Blue helps give this tune a different edge. Them collaborating was awesome to see and I hope we are able to hear more collabs from them. It was pretty awesome to see them link up and create a breath taking record. The C'mar produced joint reminded me what makes Eggo such an enjoyable creative. He never seems to stop surprising me. His ability to create multiple styles of tracks makes him a huge threat. -Royal Cortez

As a listener you know right away when you find a song that is special. It will leave you in awe in multiple ways. One of the main reasons why I enjoyed this tune is because of how well they worked together. Eggo tackled Larry Enticer aggressively which showed me that he has a mean streak as well. Sui Blue is someone who impressed me reason being his style is very enjoyable. When you hear him he sticks out right away which is incredible. The chemistry they showed was another thing that made me mark out. It just felt right which I hope continues to bring us more collabs from them. 

C'mar production is superb it helped give this track flavor. I enjoyed the beat a lot it is very fun to hear. It also allowed Eggo and Sui Blue to give us a wonderful tune. I am sure they would have done a great job on any beat. But a talented producer really does help make a difference. He contributed by helping make Larry Enticer even more glorious! I want to hear both Eggo and Sui Blue on more of his beats. They created something special which deserves a lot of praise from tastemakers casuals and die hards.