Tommy Will enlightens the masses with a video for Fear In America

Tommy Will is wasting no time at all in 2018. In the last 2 weeks he has released new visuals for not 1 but two awesome records. Savage Mode is a single off a upcoming project while Fear In America is off his incredible 2017 offering Napoleon. Both videos are directed by the genius SD Visions who has been on a roll for a minute. They compliment each other well they truly bring the best out of each other. Lately he has been showcasing his diversity and that has aided in adding a edge to his material. Once you start listening to him regularly you'll realize that you can never predict his next move. FIA is also co-directed by Tommy Will which was a welcomed attachment. Records of this caliber are perfect year round for the reason their message is powerful.  -Royal Cortez


The beginning of these visuals starts off with a women speaking in the background talking about the Michael Brown shooting. It was genius to also include her talk about a cop that was killed as well. It is a smart way to include both perspectives and begin a conversation about prejudice. This was one of the most underrated tracks that was released last year. It is a emotional tune that already paints a picture that you can vividly see. When I saw this video it depicted basically everything I saw in my mind. SD Visions & Tommy Will's ability to create mighty visual representations that are able to make you feel a certain emotion separate them from the rest. 

When the first verse kicks is when things get even more interesting. He raps from the perspective of a person who is dealing with a trigger happy cop. His lyrics are passionately rapped and that is what will cause you connect to the frustration you hear in his voice. This is a important portrayal of the unfair prejudice that people of color have to deal with in this country. Fear In America's 1rst verse is a poignant depiction of having to deal with another unjust situation that makes living in this country a state of alarm. Tommy Will slowly walks us through this dilemma then it starts to pick up towards the end of the verse. The police offer is going through his back pack starting to panic and one he runs the gun noises make you assume he got shot. 

Shortly after their is news clip that talks about a dead cop and the dangers they face. In certain parts of this video Tommy Will wore a shirt that said "TPD For Life." At first I was confused on why he was wearing it but then you notice that he is giving you hints on what the 2nd verse is going to be about. He raps from the point of view of a cop that is dealing with depression. This police officer starts off talking about why he joined the police which was to "protect" you. It was refreshing to hear him say that not every one who serve the community are the best for the job. Then the tone changes when it transitions to him stating that he would rather see home than face a jury. He talks to a person and tells him to stay on the ground for both of their protection. The cop also brings up that he just had a daughter and he is just trying to see her. The energy starts getting more hostile when he is saying "You think I'm capable of taking a life but how do I know you aren't capable too?" I saw this moment as the climax when he lose his cool and did something he regrets. The video ends with the theme of peace which is a interesting message especially after what occurred on this record. But then it all made sense when I read the description on Youtube. "F.I.A. is a depiction of understanding the roles of justice and offering solitude in past circumstances." After you read that it makes sense why he took a different approach. Tommy Will certainly will cause a conversation with his latest drop but it can have a positive effect on the lives of everyone involved. Fear In America teaches the listener to be exactly that a listener of different perspectives, so we could find ways to resolve issues big and small. 

Tommy Will goes into Savage Mode on new video

Tommy Will gifts music lovers with a new banger titled Savage Mode that comes with entertaining visuals. He gives you a reason to have will like the Green Lantern Corps. His latest release is the 2nd single off his upcoming project BFHTD. That will be available to hear in early February so make sure you check it out once it is released. It is also produced by beat maker Kato who is known for working with former Funk Volume artist Jarren Benton and for his No Sucka MCs contest. His video is filmed by the maestro of visuals SD Visions. Every time Tommy Will has SD Visions handle the images the watcher is in for a surprise. They work wonderfully together you could say they're Kobe & Shaq with out the disfunction. Savage Mode does a sensational job in building up hype for his upcoming offering. After watching his latest release you will remember his name if you're a new listener.  -Royal Cortez 


His latest track is an ideal representation of who he is. He is a wordsmith who is able to provide bangers for people who love to get hype. This release is a different side of him that many will appreciate. His last 2 drops reveal that Tommy Will is a diverse musician who can appeal to many crowds while distributing quality art. He shows what we could expect from him in the future. It is a exciting paced record that will open your ears and eyes. He delivers an appealing visual that matches the energy Savage Mode gives off. It is a mixture of dark and hype that will turn any person with a healthy brain into a supporter. I enjoyed how he crafted a catchy tune while still feeding hip hop heads with memorable lines. The scenery in the video help add some mellowness that contributes to making the views delightful. Tommy triumphed in creating a joint that everyone could enjoy. He also did a marvelous job with Kato's production. He did not disappoint in any way the sensei of will supplied his fanbase with a brilliant offering. In the beginning of this video he stated that 2018 is all good. If he continues dropping music of this standard it will be a fantastic year as a fan of music. I have a great feeling that he will have another outstanding year and become one of the brighter glimpses of 2018.