Luca Vasi drops Butterfly

The gifted artist known as Luca Vasi has returned with another dope track. His new song Butterfly takes you back to the 90s. Think of the times when the Shaloin reigned supreme. This Garebear produced offering showcases a different style which Is Ill. Luca Vasi showcases his diversity which earns him bonus points. Honestly I wouldn't mind If this song was a minute or two longer. The youth movement In the city has gotten stronger with the addition of Luca Vasi. Make sure you get behind this dude because his future Is looking very bright. -Royal Cortez

I'm a huge fan of this style of rap so It caught my attention quickly. I was rocking with It right away. He Is giving lyrical chops to any one who wants to test him. Imagine a Bruce Lee kick In rap form. Ok good because when you hear this track It's like a drop kick from Rey Mysterio. Imagine a lyrical sword at your neck with Wu Tang Influenced blades. I enjoyed how Vasi added Cappadonna In his lyrics. He showcases a new style which I would like to see him carry on. He also shows the listeners that he Is capable of creating tracks for the hip hop heads. His diversity gives him a huge edge as artist. In the words of the clan when Vasi spits protect your neck! When you hear Butterfly you will think he was trained In the 36 chambers. You will also think he was trained by the chef and the genius. The reason Is because he's cooking music a lyrical genius would. With that said make sure you keep up with this dude and his music.

TellaHekTik unleashes DoItRaw!

The artist known as TellaHekTik released a track titled DoItRaw. Overall It Is a fun song which will get you bouncing. He also showcased his producing skills by creating the beat as well. The have fun samples basically nail the main point of this song. This Is a very fun release which will make you get behind this artist. After taking a break from making music he has returned with a mission. What mission you ask? It's simple to make a name for himself In our city's hip hop scene. -Royal Cortez

I became aware of his music when V Riv from Speakerbox X recommended his music. When I scoped his Soundcloud It was some thing different. But I as a music lover enjoy hearing different style. This specific song reminds me heavy of a Denzel Curry flow which Is awesome. The samples he added where very great additions. Overall this song Is really great which Is no doubt a eye brow raiser. The beat Is fun It has a unique production style which sticks out. What I enjoy the most about this dude's music Is his style. The way he raps and makes beats Is very rare. That will ultimately help him stick out from the rest of the bunch. I would describe him as futuristic type rap. I'm not talking about the rapper I'm talking about the actual word. His new song shows he Is determined to get out there. Make sure you check him out because If he keeps it up his future Is looking bright.

Reezy releases Draped (Prod.Reezy)

A artist I been following for a few years Is a gifted producer by the name of Reezy. Still Movin's Reezy blessed the listeners with a new track titled Draped. He Is a double threat which he proves on his latest release. He Is also a very gifted producer his beat making skills are showcased on this song. Draped Is that type of tune you play during the summer reason being the vibe Is beyond wavy. You can see Draped being played on numerous radio stations this summer. He will certainly get your attention with this catchy song! After hearing this track you will need a full length Reezy project. Make sure you listen to his latest offering and vibe out! -Royal Cortez

This past weekend he released a stellar track by the name of Draped. Once you start listening to Reezy something you can expect Is amazing production. He never disappoints which Is evident with his new release. I did not see this song till 5am Monday but when I did my eyes lit up! I'm happy that this dude Is consistent with It because he always releases awesome music. The Las Vegas MC definitely shined with Draped. I believe you will have It on replay for a good minute! Something I enjoy about him Is even when he drops a banger like this he keeps his pen on point. Reezy had many notable lines which made me go ape like Goku. Some of my favorite lyrics on Draped have to be the Genuine and Kembo lines. The hook on this song Is contagious he had me singing along saying "Icy Icy!" Overall this jewel Is fun as hell to listen to! Many have said once you bump It that you will go get a gold grill and chains to be draped! Get acquainted with one of the dopest artists from the heat. I haven't been to Las Vegas but I have heard Its hot a hell! So It's not that much of a surprise he released a flame offering. I'm from Tucson so heat childs have to show each other love that Is why I decided to write on Reezy! I can totally see him doing a show down here. Make sure you listen to It and show him love.

Blake Drops They

Earlier this week I was on Soundcloud listening to the upload section when It happened. I came across a track which caught my attention because of the rapper's vocals. The production set the mood for me. The song I'm talking about Is named They. The artist who I also speak of Is named Blake. This gifted musician Is from Durham which Is a town In New Hampshire. Once you listen to the hook you will become a fan. He Is not only a talented rapper but also a dope producer. Make sure you check out They! -Royal Cortez

A huge reason They caught my attention was Blake's flow was wavy. I enjoyed his delivery heavy reason being It's calm but Impactful. His vocals won me over because It made me Intrigued. What I enjoyed big time Is the way this song was written. What I love about Soundcloud Is even If there Is a musical drought I always find new music on there. I'm really happy I came across Blake because this Is a song which will be put In my rotation heavy! The hook on They Is beyond contagious you will catch yourself singing along. If you are looking for a consistent artist you found him In Blake! Just by taking a look at his Soundcloud profile you can tell he releases music at a good rate. Once you take a listen to this track I guarantee It will be on your playlist. Even though They Is a short song It Is still very fun to listen to. He spits a grip of truth In his lines which lets you see what goes on In his mind. This dude Is a gifted Individual who will Intrigue you with his lyrics. If he continues to release this type of quality music I believe his stock will rise quickly. Make sure you check out his latest track and show him some love!

Speakerbox X Mondays:Royal Cortez song of the week. #FruitsEdition

A few weeks back the homie Hero put me on a song that caught my attention right away! The track I speak of Is titled Fruits by a talented artist named Jamezyboy. It Is actually the title track off a project he released earlier this month. That tape Is called you guessed It Fruits. The Vybe Beats produced gem Instantly caught my attention. Fruits has some awesome energy which will turn you Into a fan! His vocals are smoothly delivered which will make you smile. Overall this dude Is a very gifted artist you should be checking out. Make sure you peep his new tape while you are at It. S/o to Speakerbox X for playing my song of the week tune In every Sunday at 2pm! -Royal Cortez

Have you ever heard the term "Feel good music"? I know you have! So basically when I was listening to Fruits my jaw dropped. The beat Is outstanding It sets the mood right away. I also think It goes perfectly with Jamezyboy's vocals. You know those corny texts you send your lover "We were meant for each other" Well consider this song the equivalent of that! Not because of the texts but reason being this beat was made for this dude. When you take In the fact that he Is only 19 this song Is even more outstanding! He Is a prime example of young artists still creating quality art. He was born In Seattle but he resides In Olympia Washington In the PNA area. The reason I chose this track for this past week's edition of The Royal Cortez song of the week Is very simple. He recently released a tape which I enjoyed and I believe others would like as well! When I chose Fruits I pictured a family just cruising going out to spend time together listening to the radio. What song did I see being played In this situation? Fruits because the energy makes everyone able to enjoy It! Do yourself a favor and check out the gifted Jamezyboy. Make sure you tune In every Sunday on 99.1 at 2pm to hear my song of the week.