Speakerbox X Mondays:Royal Cortez song of the week #HadToEdition

In life you will have to make some difficult decisions. These choices can alter your life in many different ways. It can be situations like cutting off a friend or breaking up with a toxic lover. It will be natural of you to miss that person and their presence. But one of the most important things I have learned over time is that it's for the best. The worst thing you can do is keep watering a plant that is dead. That is the major reason why people deal with constant heartache. They keep hoping for change in a place that will remain the same. -Royal Cortez


This past year I have went through a tremendous amount of growth. My mindset has changed for better or worse. I have seen everything in a different light which has opened my eyes. You can either let certain realizations turn you mad or let them make you grow. Some of the people you love the most are actually toxic. The track I chose as my song of the week represents this perfectly. Had to is a ballad that explains this exact feeling. I gravitated toward the lyrics and mellow production.

Many individuals will feel terrible for cutting ties with former associates. That is understandable reason being no one ever wants to end friendships and relationships that you formerly appreciate. But I see that as a blessing in disguise in a huge way. Once you start distancing yourself from specific people you'll see everything begin to change. If you have a inner circle which puts you down constantly cut them loose. Your peers should be supporting you and assisting in raising your self esteem. If you have a lover that is poisonous let them go and see how quickly your life improves.

Had to is one of my favorite joints from their recent album Guerrilla Gardening. The Band Called Oh is a mighty force with a lot of potential to leave their mark on you. Music is possibly the best medicine for your soul. When you feel pain you listen to artists that are able to aid in getting you through a slump. I chose Had To as my song of the week because it was able to make me see that I made the right decision. This year I have seen myself tell my reflection that I had to. I had to stop being friends with certain friends so I could grow properly. I had to stop talking to certain girls reason being they were stressing me out. This joint will help you make it through the hard days which is amazing. 

The Profile of Doni

The latest feature in our on going series will feature someone who I believe will become a heavy weight. He has literally punched his way into people's playlist with his production and exceptional approach. It is extremely difficult to not take notice when you are being attacked with songs. If you believe rap is dead just take a listen to Doni. He will give you hope by bringing it back to life for you like The Lazarus Pit. Not many have the aim that he posses. Out of every track I have heard from him I have not been disappointed yet. 

The journey of the creative known as Doni has been a productive wonder to witness. In these last few months his stock has risen quickly. You can attribute this to his terrific work ethic which consistently blesses us with new music. The Adobe House member has become a regular on We Are Buggin Out for being able to craft awesome art. The rapper/producer has grown artistically in ways that I would not have believed possible. This is the story of someone who has exceeded expectations. If you ever doubted that was probably the biggest mistake of your life. -Royal Cortez


Ever since I got involved with music there has always been one situation I have witnessed multiple times. Many musicians are usually introduced to music by a friend or family member. In late 2014 the passage was launched by a common event. Doni was a Sophomore in college when his friend Trenton introduced him to the way of art. It is awesome to see the impact that watching other person create music can spark in another individual. He believed himself and took a leap towards a passion that is very uncertain. 

It is pretty shocking to take in that he has only been making music for 3 years. His growth is clearer than water. When you realize how much he has accomplished in that time you would believe he could walk on water. That is what impresses me the most about Doni. He believed in himself and he was determined to make progress. If you are also a fellow artist take his story as inspiration. His work ethic has also inspired me to work as hard as possible. Since I have been following him he has released 2 projects in Abstract Matter & Perpetual Atlas.

When I asked him how long he has been listening to rap he responded with "I have always listened to hip hop." Some things are just destined to happen. One of those things is that rap was meant to be a part of his life. He also informed me that when he first moved to America the first genre of music he discovered here was rap music. Moving to a new place is always a frighting situation. We often find ourselves trying to search for a way to discover where we fit in. Many find new passions or hobbies. Others like Doni find music and let it guide them. That is something you will realize when you read something he told me. "It’s been a heavy influence in my life since then."

Hip hop is sadly put into a negative stereotype that supposedly causes violence. Music is one of the greatness to ever be crafted. It has many positive effects that the people who trash it overlook. Doni's case proves the positive effect that rap can have on someone's life. It has influenced him to become the person he is today. When I write features for this series I always like to ask the artist what advice they would give for someone who wants to do what they do. His response is one of the most delightful I have received in a while. "Don’t be afraid dive into it. You are not going to know what you can’t accomplish if you do not try and not trying is the worst possible thing you can do to yourself." 

He was influenced to form one of the most flourishing teams in the city with Adobe House. It has motivated him to desire expanding Adobe House and building a platform for talented peers to shine as well. That is one of the most admirable things any person can do. Instead of only looking out for himself he wants to assist others to win as well. That is the main reason why I respect this dude so much. Believe me when I say this he really is the truth. I am rooting for him to win and I truly know that you will as well soon enough.  



Speakerbox X Mondays: Royal Cortez song of the week #Messwithyouedition

On Halloween R3D released a new 4 track ep titled Lions Roar. He is a leo which makes the title even more fit. By choosing that name he is warning us about one thing. Everybody will hear his roar once they press play. The short project showcased his best qualities while creating memorable songs. It also gave us a glimpse of the future. Ever since I have taken over the writing duties he has become a regular. His most recent release shows why he has earned a prominent position. -Royal Cortez

When you are in the slumps you will usually listen to depressing music. I have been listening to plenty of R&B. My recent playlist includes Brent Faiyaz,The Band Called Oh,They, & Snoh Aalegra. My logic behind choosing Mess with you as my song of the week is simple. It was natural for me to gravitate towards a joint that summed up how I felt. It is easily the best record off Lion's roar. It displayed exactly why R3D was able to win me over as a listener. His material is relatable and will help you get through hard times. That is what will ultimately assist you in recognizing the raw potential he has. 

Mess with you is a pure stand out on his new offering. Everyone can relate to wanting to rock with someone but knowing they're not good for you. Sadly sometimes the people we love can be poisonous to us. It usually takes outside interference for us to realize their danger. The production is one of the best aspects on it. His approach was fresh which made it unique. It is rare for a creative to constantly surprise me. He is a unpredictable musician which makes every new ballad impressive.

2017 is the year that has seen the rise of R3D in a major way. The thing is this is just the beginning of a new era. The ep was merely a sample of what we can expect in the future. Call it a appetizer if you want to. He is still someone who deserves a lot more love so I thought of a tremendous idea. Earlier in the year I did weeks fully dedicated to specific groups to help showcase them. I have not done a week dedicated to a sole artist though. So why not do a week to help push R3D's new EP? For the rest of the week I will be writing multiple pieces on him to assist in promoting Lion's roar. You can check it out today on all streaming services including Spotify,ITunes, & many more.

Is A.Billi Free's latest drop an indication of what we can expect?

One of the greatest records I have heard recently is Love,Music, & Salad. What I enjoyed the most about it is that a women showcased her gifts. These last few years I have grown to admire female musicians. They show us their strength and grace in every lyric. A.Billi Free showed us that she is a astonishing creative with a bright future. Many say that some of the best things in life are love,music, and salad. It makes it hard not to agree when she elegantly raps over the mind boggling production. It is clear as day that she can hold her own on any beat you throw her. She'll catch it with one hand and deliver like OBJ. -Royal Cortez


I have a strong feeling you will not be able to repel her spirit. The best art will captivate you with every single aspect. She accomplishes something very special with Love,Music, & Salad. Her wicked style will mesmerize you & turn doubters into fans. For the last month or so I have not been able to find that song. What I mean by "That Song" is one that turns you into a supporter. Her approach made this joint a enjoyable listen. It stood out to me reason being hearing her rap was a eye opening experience. 

Women artists are severely underrated which is a shame. But there is multiple gems among us one of those is the creative known as A.Billi Free. She was able to demonstrate her remarkable steez for everyone who was smart enough to press play. If she is able to continue dropping material like this I see her becoming a regular. When I search for prospects to write about I look for unique styles,crafty executions, & a excellent ear for production. She displays everything that I love seeing in subjects I write about. 

The future is truly in her hands now. I do not see her being stopped anytime soon. She will become Goldberg & say "What's next?" I am eager to hear what else A Billi Free has planned for the future. I am sure she will make a tremendous impression on you. Right when you hear her first verse you will realize she has something special. Even though it is a short gem it allowed her to stick out from the rest. 

Midnite Musashi review

Halloween is one of the funnest days of the year for all ages. It is exciting for the youth to dress up so they could become what they wish. That could be heroes,villains,aliens,zombies, & even princesses. It also allows others showcase some of their halloween inspired gear. Take Karl Anthony Towns' for example he wore some wicked Jason Vorhees basketball shoes. Others like LeBron James & Isaiah Thomas became Penny wise from IT & Eazy E. I have noticed All saints' eve has become a favorite day among artists to drop music.

One of the projects that caught my attention this Halloween was Midnite Musashi. Malick Mcfly the creator of this masterpiece impressed me. He is someone who I have heard a lot of praise about. It's natural that I show him the love he deserves. I hope to put him in the spotlight so he can become more recognized. If he continues to drop content like this Malick Mcfly will become a regular on We Are Buggin Out. This short ep contains many tracks that did not make the final cut for his upcoming album. -Royal Cortez


Malick Mcfly kicks off his new EP with the self produced Paranoid. It helps set the mood for the rest of the listening experience. This sensei showcases his best traits by reminding us why he's on the rise. He will have other rappers reenact scenes from Jaws to help cure their paranoia. I enjoyed this track a lot it solidified him to my ears. His music has always been fantastic but this ep put him in a new lane. From the first song I have heard till this very moment it's incredible. His growth has been wonderful to witness.

A halloween project is not the same without a slasher nod. Mcfly decides to pay homage to a underrated killer in Leatherface. I believe this is a reference of how he sees himself. It's a good comparison considering both are under looked. It will help show listeners why he's the one that they should be following! This is easily one of the best songs on this EP. Jordan 1ne completely annihilated the production. The beat has that dark aura which makes rap heads like me die. You will pass away and come back to life like a walker!

Anthraxxx is that record you play when you flex on the ones who doubted! When you create music many will throw shade. They will clown on your passion because you have the balls to pursue it. Most of the time those very same losers are scared of chasing their dreams! Don't ever let their shade get you down. What surprised me the most is how well it flowed together. This is a stand out that positioned Midnite Musashi as a recent favorite of mine.

His latest ep put him in the position to win. He built up much needed excitement for his upcoming project. If these tracks are throw aways I'm hyped to hear the album. I have high expectations for him in the future. If he continues dropping material like this I see him becoming a regular on the blog. The world is truly in his hands. He has two options carry it or drop it. His momentum is boiling and I am sure he will deliver the goods.

Favorite song:

Hate Me Now (Prod.Jordan 1ne) I have always been a fan of records that put this attitude on display. I have one question for you which will open your eyes! Why do you care what others think or say about you? Don't ever judge yourself over a irrelevant opinion. The only thing that matters is that you love yourself. Hate me now is actually pretty empowering. It basically welcomes those unhappy souls to try to leech your happiness. All this went into making Hate me now my favorite song off his latest release.

Rating:4 crowns

Midnite Musashi is a outstanding offering which succeeded in separating Malick Mcfly from the rest. It luckily became one of my favorite projects I have heard recently! Once I realized that I had to rate it 4 crowns. He has a excellent ear for beats. That contributed in boosting the quality of this ep. His potential is on full display with this release. Young Mcfly created a good variety of vibes while transitioning smoothly. He continues the sound of this ep very nicely while keeping things fresh. Every track assisted in showcasing his best qualities. If this is your first time listening to him I am sure you'll be impressed. Many who haven't heard his name before will surely remember it after hearing Midnite Musashi. Most importantly it builds anticipation for his upcoming album Child of the atom.

Terrific 3 the Juice's edition #RoyalDay

Today is my birthday which luckily falls on Whensday. This is the day of the week when I drop new editions of my Terrific 3 series. In this round of articles I will be covering my 3 favorite songs from a specific musician every time. I have done pieces on Westside Gunn and Big Sean so far. For this edition I wanted to cover a local cat. I had a desire to show love to someone who I believe has unlimited potential. Juice is someone I know will the world by storm.

Well Krafted member Juice released 3 new tracks a few weeks back. Every single song had a few traits in common. Each gem was enjoyable and showcased his best qualities. He has a stellar ear for production which usually translates into the listener being blessed with terrific beats. You will notice that when he creates music like this Juice is at his most dangerous. On Drip,MTM, & $quad he shines by letting his best traits take control. His recent drops will keep his fans very happy while they wait for more music. -Royal Cortez



My favorite track he dropped 2 weeks ago has to be Drip. I fell in love with the catchy beat it got me vibing right away. He will win you over with this record. Juice masterly rides the beat and shows us exactly why we should be following him. This is the main reason why I have not heard a song I did not enjoy! That is amazing because I'm usually the type of listener that finds at least one joint I don't relish. I can easily see Drip taking over the radio. It is the perfect candidate to be played at birthday parties,carne asadas, & functions! I know that I will definitely be playing it at my celebration. 

M.T.M. = Money.The.Motive.

You will come to realize the fact that he is a unbelievable hook artist. He will get you involved with each jewel. He will get your head nodding right away. You will receive goosebumps while you hear him rap. In a Deadshot nature he hits it right on the mark. He precisely slices up the beat. You will not be able to resist pressing the repeat button. Juice goes Super saiyan god on MTM. Many people have a certain mindset which turns them into androids for the main purpose of life. Dolla dolla bill yall I am beyond certain you will rock with him. 


Juice & his Well Krafted team mate Hectic recruited members of one of my favorite teams in the city. They enlisted Saint,Ace, & Dirt from AZMP. I am a huge fan of when individuals from seperate collectives work together. That is exactly what $quad does it lets every single rapper on this record shine. They are all team players so when you add that to majestic production & masterly krafted verses. They all showed me that you can not predict their next move. What I really enjoy about them is that they continue to perfect their sound. 

B.A.M. & Grizzle leave their mark with Roll In Peace remix

Remixes are some of the funnest songs today. It's exciting to hear other artists try to tackle a peer's record. These last few years I have noticed something amazing. Remixes allow rappers to showcase their best bars over beats from famous artists. If you follow hosts like Funk master Flex & Sway you're aware of them having creatives freestyle on their shows. It is intriguing to see them tackle a beat that is not theirs. Remixes/freestyles permit them to shine some will shine others will disappoint. Pack Money's B.A.M. & Grizzle are the latest to attack Kodak Black's Roll in peace. -Royal Cortez

The visuals caught my attention from the jump. I enjoyed seeing the Pack Money logo change colors before they started rapping. It was a small detail that got me hooked. They are a collective who have been dropping fantastic songs,projects, & videos. Every time I see that one of their members is dropping a video I'm hyped. They have the ability to consistently drop visuals that will hypnotize your mind. The moment I saw that it was Grizzle & BAM I knew we were in for a treat.

I enjoyed their approach it was astonishing to hear the chemistry they share. They both contributed in making this listen so enjoyable. I have listened to them before in the past. I was luckily introduced to them on the Free Pack tape. These past few months I've been waiting to hear more from them. Their style impressed me and left me wanting more. This remix made me reminisce on why they turned me into a fan in the first place. You can hear their confidence in every bar. They have polished their style and it shows hugely.

After watching/listening I came to a simple conclusion. I need to hear more material from them. They are two talented musicians who deserve more credit. I strongly believe that with every song & video they drop their stock will rise. Sadly not everyone has been lucky enough to enjoy their content. I see it as my responsibility to cover them so others get the chance to hear their art. They will turn many into believers with every single line.