Louis review

If you have heard any Soloist track you will be familiar with his voice by now. He has built a name for himself by delivering excellent verse after excellent verse. Louis was released at a perfect time so he could remind listeners he has been at work. He released his 2nd studio album titled Louis. With his latest project he established himself as a lyricist who knows how to craft some great material. If he continues that simple habit Dan will become a more recognized name in no time. Once you finish this tape you will remember the name Dan Louis. -Royal Cortez


Louis kicks off with a record called Louis Wilson which features 2 gifted guest artists in Lando Chill and Elias. Elias does not waste no time he uses his vocal ability to get the singer into it. This is probably the best I have heard from him for many reasons. He seems at ease and becomes one with the beat. Lando Chill kills this track as expected. I enjoyed his feature heavy because of the way he helps sweep the listener. The production is glamorous it will mesmerize the listener. Lofee did a awesome job in creating a beat that everyone listening will not forget anytime soon. Lofee impressed me on this album for the reason he became a work horse and created 7 of the 10 tracks!

Dan's project continues with the well named Damnit Dan which helps add a edge to this project. The vibes completely changed which was a pleasant surprise. This is what I expected to hear from Dan Louis extraordinary verses and a special energy. This record is diffidently a contender for my favorite song. Lofee and Dan Louis are a great pairing which surprised me with their approach. They truly did not waste no time in attacking and leaving their mark. If they continue to do this they will brand a whole new type of musicians. Dan Louis is a rapper's favorite rapper reason you can count on him to drop some great lines and add some new records to your playlist. If you are a hip hop head you will fall in love with this album.

Louis keeps rolling with A rock in a river which features Cam & River Smith. This record showcases his outstanding ear for beats. I am not surprised that Lofee had such a huge impact on the production side of things. Dan Louis established himself and Lofee as one of the brightest rapper/producer pairings in a minute. The only word that you can describe this beat is as perfect. It is slow mellow and lets River Smith do her thing which she delivers without hesitation. Her vocals are truly medicinal she will make you forget about all your problems. Cam stood out as a artist with a therapeutic flow which will help cure broken souls. He will make you look him up to hear more of his content.

The 4th track Psychiatric Notes was a record that stood out to me. It helped show that he is also human. Many factors go into helping make Louis one of the funnest albums I have heard in recent time. Lofee's dazzling production is one of the qualities that helped make this tune memorable. The beat and his verse was a powerful listen which meshed perfectly together. This record is truly a work of art. If you are going through a hard time I recommend you listen Psychiatric notes. It will be a healing experience which will make you feel better. When you are going through a slump music is beneficial. In Dan's case his notes are psychiatric reason being they help him get through difficult days.

After Louis Drops is one particular song that was a huge stand out in my eyes. This was a different side of Dan Louis I have not heard before. It was slow but it also was a beautiful affair. It's ultimately a fun track which is basically his celebration for dropping this album. This is basically a well deserved celebratory anthem. This specific song helps add a different vibe from what you would usually expect from Dan. 


Favorite song? Altered Sight (Prod.Bu X

My favorite song off of Louis has to be Altered Sight for 3 reasons. This is the record that impressed me and got me excited to hear this album. This tune is the reason why I wrote a review for Louis. It basically had the power to make me write a review off the fact of how much I enjoyed this track. It also made me think about why I'm a hip hop head I love the dark production and the hard hitting bars. If you are also a hip hop head you will fall inlove with Altered sight. Bu X helped create a awesome record that gave me flashbacks to when I first discovered hip hop. This is the type of content I enjoy hearing. If he continues to drop music with this vibe I will most likely continue writing on him in the future. This is the Dan Louis I enjoy hearing he is truly in beast mode when he does what Dan Louis does best.



Rating? 4 Crowns

His latest project was a splendid listening experience which helped solidify him in my eyes. I always enjoyed his verses but something was always missing. But now that I have heard a full project I can say he truly has impressed me. He turned me and will turn many others into fans with Louis. As each track passes you will get more into this great offering. Dan Louis put together a great project which has marvelous production. He recruited gifted artists who helped add and boost his new project. Overall this is a awesome album which helped solidify him as a intriguing artist. He displayed a huge amount of diversity by touching on multiple subjects and vibes which helped make his new offering interesting. The greatness of Louis will put pressure on Dan to follow it up strong. You can check it out pretty much every where so go stream and buy it!

Slator Blacc drops Thin Line (Prod.Saba)

When gods aim for truth they end up being on a very thin line that many can't cross. Slator Blacc is a gifted musician who will impress you with his approach to music. He creates great art which will surely win you over as a fan. His latest offering will surely impress you with his style. He has a very unique style which makes him stick out. Thin Line is produced by one of Chicago's most talented artists in Saba. The future is looking very bright for him after this drop and who knows a Saba collab could come out of it. Writing about top notch talent is our main goal so to see Slator Blacc get covered on here is no surprise. That goes to show you his talent and his potential as potential heavy weight in the near future.  -Royal Cortez

Many have heard the phrase "There is a thin line you should never cross." I interpreted this track as Slator Blacc telling us there is no line he won't cross. What if he's telling the listener that there is no limit to what he will do. I interpreted him as a ambitious artist who wants to accomplish his dreams. If that is so he's a man on a mission which will do whatever it takes. With all that being stated he's on a operation to accomplish every goal. His latest record builds anticipation for future releases. 


Many are familiar with the name Saba reason being he is a music head's darling. He does a excellent job in crafting a gorgeous beat for Slator. The production can be described as slow and laid back. Saba handles his post good by crafting a beat that makes the listener fall into the vibes. As you continue to hear Thin line you will see yourself moving your head up and down. This was a special record it helped me become a fan of Slator Blacc but it also did something else. It made me remember how talented of a producer Saba is. 


Overall this is a great song that showcases Slator Blacc's best attributes. It shows us he has a unique approach to crafting tracks. I also learned that he has a rare style which spices up his music. He has a great ear for beats which helps add another layer of greatness to his material. Thin line helps build excitement for a potential project down the line. Who knows we might even get another collab between the 2 down the road. This record helped solidify him in my eyes and I'll make sure to follow him very closely from now on. He has a jetpack on his back now and Slator Blacc is the only one who can control where he will land.

Aske releases Late Night (Feat.Deran Grand)

If you have not heard of the name Aske let me get you acquainted. He is a bright young lyricist who has been consistently releasing great music. He is also a hardworking musician which lets his music speak for him. If he continues these habits he will build his name quickly. Last week he released a new record titled Late night which overflows with excellent vibes. His latest offering features the gifted Deran Grand. They showcase a very organic chemistry which was a huge highlight. Late night is probably the best Aske track to date and if you pressed play I'm sure you would agree -Royal Cortez

Many things happen when it's late at night. Usually you will see a group of friends hanging out and enjoying the night. You will also see a dark sky and it will be fairly hard to see clouds. The most important thing you will see though is a group of friends hanging out listening to music. Many have specific songs they play during this time of night. There is many tracks that will come to mind while you read this article. When you think do records that make you vibe come to your attention? Of course they do and Aske's latest tune is one of these jams. 

As the song kicks in the production flows smoothly like alcohol being poured in a Styrofoam cup. Late night is a very enjoyable listen which will turn doubters into believers. His latest offering reminds me of why I he turned me into a fan. His music overflows with confidence which is something that many artists and humans alike lack. This is the type of material you listen to when you're cruising with friends. I see this anthem being played in the background of late night smoke outs. It's the type of ballad that is put on blast when the vibes take over. The point I am trying to make is this is that late night music. 

He recruited Deran Grand for his latest release who is also a very gifted musician. Aske got extra points from me for his strong feature selection. He did not only just deliver the goods but he also introduced to another great artist. Before I heard this tune I did not hear of Deran Grand. Both of them shine by creating a amazing vibe which will surely raise eyebrows. We can only hope to hear more songs from this exciting duo. They work really well together and it shows in their music. They both impressed me with their approach and the talent they displayed.

Bro! Samson unleashes Youthanize (Prod.BLCKSMITH)

If you're a fan of gloomy vibes and darker production you have struck gold. Something that many have underestimated is the power of this style of rap. If you have been paying attention you will realize the impact this style has had on hip hop today. So many people have embraced this lane and so will we. When you think about New York rappers what do you see? Do you picture boom bap artists that remind you of the 90s? New York is very diverse and Newburgh native Bro Samson is a prime example of that. He has a unique approach which many young heads including myself appreciate. Give him a chance & I'm sure he will impress you with his art. -Royal Cortez


Now more than ever rock and punk have had a huge impact on hip hop. If you take a listen to a few artists you will see that is has been becoming a trend for the last few years. It gives the music we love a new edge. We are at the point when even rock heads can enjoy rap. Diversity is great and this new wave is probably one of the factors why hip hop has become the most popular genre today. Now rap has a variety of lanes that even punk and goth heads can connect with. Newburgh native Bro! Samson is a musician you would not expect to be in this lane of rap but he is. It makes him stick out from other New yorkers for his ability to stick out. 

We are in the age that the youth is gaining more power for better or worse. I see Youthanize as a example of this for many reasons. As many older heads know when people are young they rebel and make dumb choices. This is why I believe many rock fans have become fans of this type of rap. When I read the title of his latest record I was legit dumbfounded. I was confused so I decided to use man's bestfriend which is google. The title of this record ends up being a rock album by a band called The Color of Violence. His latest offering goes to show us his uniqueness and gives us insight about the type of music he listens to. 

Overall youthanize is a fun track which will leave you mind blown. It is probably very different compared to the type of music you listen to but I have a feeling you will enjoy it. Blcksmith played a huge part in making this song a unique listening experience. If you have not heard his name he is a frequent collaborator of Samson's who has produced many of his songs. Bro Samson has a bright future ahead of him so make sure you play a part in it. Give him a chance and I'm sure you will find a artist who will be in your play list for a long time. 

The Profile of St.Market

Something I have noticed in the last few months is that listeners like to know as much about the artist as possible. If you have noticed most of the time that we listen to interviews is so we can get insight and see how they think about certain subjects. For better or worse it has become essential that we know who we listen to on a daily basis. People outside of music do not fully know the artist because they mostly consume to their content. But there is more that meets the eye aspects like their origins,struggles,insecurities, and most importantly their background. When you think about it yes we connect to their art but we don't know them as individuals.

When I realized this a light bulb went off in my head that gave me a great idea. It made perfect sense it's the job of bloggers,podcasters,radio hosts, and basically anyone in a media role to help listeners/readers get to know artists on that level. A voice in my head told me "Why not expand the variety of the articles you publish on Wearebugginout? Then I came to the conclusion I could do that by dropping pieces that help the reader get to know musicians on a deeper level. With that being said I Introduce you to "The Profile" write up series! With this series I am determined to help fans get to know creatives by getting them acquainted with their names,music, and most importantly back ground. I believe that the more you know about someone the better you can connect with them. I will be dropping a weekly write up about a different artist every time!

The first act I decided to cover for this series is St.Market which is one of the most intriguing group of creatives I have came across. I am a big believer that the best things happen organically and they are prime example of why I believe this. This is one of the reasons why I find them so interesting. Kezz reminded me that some of the greatest things happen naturally. I find it amazing how this family came to be. He described themselves as a family and "freedom creators." When I read that I truly believed it reason being the way they conduct themselves and go about things the way they want. Their passion for music allowed them the freedom to create opportunities for themselves and develop the art they desire. With that being said they will be releasing their 2nd compilation tape "this Feeling is familiar" this upcoming Thursday so make sure to check it out. -Royal Cortez


When this family of freedom creators was formed there was originally 9 members but now there is 7 members. Their current roster consists of Cruzhangnoose,Hyrvle Fvntvsy,Desvelada,Sui Blue,Lonepsalm,DVOID, and Kezz. All 7 of these musicians are gifted musicians who have released great material since they have established themselves as one of the most compelling teams in the city. The future is looking very clear you can continue to expect great music released with consistency. If you have gone to their shows you are already familiar with them but if not let me get you acquainted. A fun fact for the reader is that the first performance I saw at this year's Tucson hip hop festival was Sui Blue's. 

St.Market member Sui Blue 

St.Market member Sui Blue 

This is a group reigning from the south side of Tucson who have been firing on every cylinder since they formed. Their story is very astonishing reason being it seems like all the right pieces fell into place at the correct time. Kezz informed me that around last April he pitched a idea to his younger brother Cruzhangnoose. It's kind of mind blowing considering that something special was created off the power of having a idea. That is why you should always believe in your ideas and always try to make them manifest. The idea Kezz had was to throw a small concert to celebrate his birthday instead of partying or going out. They did the show at Sui Blue's house created their own flyers,projectors, and even their own Snapchat filter. Their DIY attitude gave them the liberty to do their own thing with out any limitations.

St.Market member DVOID

St.Market member DVOID

He told me about how he enlisted himself,RND1,Eremsy,Cruzhangnoose, & Sui Blue for this show. Kezz enlightened me with the fact that many people showed up but some did not get it. When you think about a rap concert you see rappers right? That is why I believe beat makers are hugely underappreciated in today's musical landscape. It was mostly producer sets which is something very different to what many people consider a "Rap Concert" but even when others did not understand their vision they kept going. That is why many musicians should take this as motivation. If you're a artist and you are reading this that should be very inspirational to you. Even when others do not understand what you are doing family or friends keep going. In this very instant I realized this was truly a outstanding moment which I will remember for a long time.  If you have not been to a producer show before I recommend you go to Pushing Buttons or any show with a producer set for that matter. 

St.Market member Cruzhangnoos

St.Market member Cruzhangnoos

Kezz told me something that really made me start thinking. Have you ever read or hear a certain thing that made you open your eyes? It's that type of moment when they completely make you understand what they're telling you. 

“I had this mentality that I didn’t want a venue to accept what we did or if it was good enough” -Kezz

When I read that message it made me realize that the term freedom creators fit perfectly for this family of creatives. Many artists conform to what others want and let them water down their vision in the process. They display many attributes that make them a very unique flock which you will connect with. One of the best qualities I believe they have is their attitude they do not let anything hold them down. We should applaud them for taking imitative and throwing their own shows instead of having unnecessary restrictions brought forward with venues. With the little money they had they rented PA systems and continued to throw shows. This mentality helped them create something special as a unit and as individuals.

The purpose of this article series is so the reader/listener can become aware of the background of the artist's they listen to. Luckily enough Kezz chopped it up with me and gave me a lot of insight that went into helping me write this piece. He informed me that every single member produces so it gives them a huge edge. This gives them the power to experiment with more sounds and create the music they want freely without any restrictions. I became aware of the fact that Kezz also creates many of their show flyers and Djs on top of that. DVOID & Hyrvle Fvntvsy are two other teammates who started doing that first. 

St.Market member Hyrvle fvntvsy

St.Market member Hyrvle fvntvsy

Call it perfect timing but around the early stages Lonepsalm moved back to Tucson from New Mexico. DVOID came out of the service and also moved to Tucson from California. They got a house together on Market Street which was also their first. This is how they came up with their group's name with word play that came from Cruzhangnoose and Desvelada. In this house they create a lot of art and grew together as a unit. Kezz said a lot of work was developed countless EPs, with the addition of 4 shows. This house allowed them to grow it also permitted every artist develop art and to feed off each other.

The beatiful thing about St.Market is that they are a family that helps every member grow as a musician. Some will be more experienced that others in different areas so they can learn from each other which is also a great thing. DVOID & Lonepsalm have been producing since only last year but they have many gifted friends that will help them grow and establish themselves as well. Kezz told me that his teammate Hyrvle had been producing for awhile but he was always more on the DJ side. Cruzhangnoose and Desvelada have been producing for about 5/6 years so it makes them the most experienced year wise. When you take that into consideration you can see why other members who haven't produced as long have gotten better. I'm sure they bounce off each other in aspects like if someone is better in certain areas so they can improve on that skill. 

St.Market member Lone Psalm

St.Market member Lone Psalm

Every single member of this team has a great project which gives them huge diversity that can only be considered a positive. So with that said you can expect to hear different styles and vibes which will reel you in. When every single member is unique and can't be compared to their team mates it makes them into fascinating creatives.  Kezz,Hyrvle,Lonepsalm,DVOID and Sui blue have been friends for years. When you read that it's not hard to see why they work so well together. Their friendship has went beyond normal measures they have created something special with their fellowship and love for music. Desvelada & Kezz met each other through Sound cloud. Kezz also told me he's a crazy genius who is also their tech guy. He basically handles all their marketing which also includes Snapchat filters and even visual work. Before he moved to Tucson he stayed in Rio Rico and Nogales before that. 


Overall this is a group of creatives who have helped each other grow and create awesome music. They have built something unique which has turned them into motivational figures which many other artists will get inspired by the story of their formation,evolution, and progress. I considered them the perfect first for "The Profile" reason being they have a rich background and I connected to them. I am a huge fan of their DIY mentality because why depend or wait on someone else when you can do it yourself! I also want to include a quote of motivation from every creative I write about for this series. The first person that will give the reader inspiration is the person who helped me out the most in creating this write up Kezz. 

"You have to really believe and work hard to make something meaningful and great." "If you always doubt or care what others are gonna say, it's not gonna work out well." -Kezz

"You have to really believe and work hard to make something meaningful and great." "If you always doubt or care what others are gonna say, it's not gonna work out well." -Kezz


NorCal Nick drops Why Lie (Prod.Silk.y.)

In a world full of lies we badly need honesty. NorCal Nick's latest record is a great example of what happens when you're transparent with your art. His truthfulness allows the listener to connect with his music very easily. The mellow production helps loosen up the tone. As you continue to listen the vibes bounce back like spoons when you're watching the dishes! He is a intelligent musician who executed his knowledge of music to create timeless music. Nick hypnotized the listening audience by creating great energy that they couldn't resist. If you have not added him to your playlist already you will by the time this song is done. -Royal Cortez


Many will interpret the creator of this record as a creative who is being completely honest with himself and his lover. #whylie stood out to me because he sees things for what they are. These last few weeks I been helping out a close friend who has let the past blind him. I believe music is therapy it truly helps us get past every single day. It should help us get past the hardest times in life. My favorite type of tracks are the ones that make you feel something. By listening to the first minute you will come to the conclusion that it left you in awe.  

You can expect to hear magnificent production on every NorCal Nick song you come across. Why lie is no different. His latest offering is produced by the talented Silk.y. that will surely leave a great first impression on you. This beat can only be described as beautiful it's the musical equivalent of roses. His production is basically as his name states silky. It flows along gracefully which lets the listener get invested in every single second. He gave Nick the alley oop and set him up for success. After hearing why lie you will be hungry for more. 

Over these last few months NorCal Nick has been one of the most consistent artists I have came across. He has been constantly dropping delightful singles which continue to build him momentum. If you are not familiar with this extraordinary creative you will be soon enough. His grace,consistency, and work ethic will win you over. The future is looking very bright and with him showing no signs of slowing down don't blink. He will surely become one of your favorites if you do yourself the favor of pressing play.

Speakerbox X Mondays: Royal Cortez song of the week #SupamaterialisticEdition

A little over a week ago OTM recruited his AZMP teammate Incline for a track titled Supamaterialistic. His latest offering is a intriguing affair which shines because of the chemistry he shares with his friend. Everytime these 2 link up they become one like tea and water. They bounce off each other they're a basketball & backboard. It is not hard to see that they are a very impressive duo. After hearing this record you will want to hear a full complete collab project. All these factors contributed in helping me choose this tune as my song of the week. -Royal Cortez

One of my favorite pairings is the duo of OTM & Incline. The energy they give out when they work together has won me over and turned me into a fan. OTM released a throw back that shows the listener they have always worked good together. This record is from 2015 but even then their potential still showed big time. Now both of these talented artists are part of one of the most intriguing teams in Tucson and with SupaMaterialistic they prove exactly why. Both have released projects as producers and as rappers.

As the song continues you will get goosebumps. The hook alone is a jaw dropping experience which let's you get into the song. They are constantly delivering impressive content which showcases their bond. Both AZMP members blow minds with the way they gracefully rap over this throwback production. The sample will give you flashbacks to older tracks. I find it interesting how they have been working together for so long. Friendship in music is sadly a affair that doesn't last long for many reasons. But they have genuinely grown together as musicians which is a rare occurrence in music. 

I chose their throwback tune as my song of the week for many reasons which I believe you will understand. The major reason why I picked this track is because of it's ability to motivate me. When you hear Supamaterialistic it will take your breath away. I genuinely admire their friendship and how it plays a huge part in his music. Their art showcases the chemistry they have which gives every song a huge boost. It was common sense for me to pick this record reason being it's ability to give us a look into their past. It showed the listener the growth they have made since this song was recorded. This segment's purpose is to showcase musicians their past,current, and future. After you hear their latest offering you will appreciate them more and that is exactly why I picked this track as my song of the week. Make sure you tune into Speakerbox X every Sunday on 99.1 at 1pm.